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“I've known Dan for several years and he's designed bridges and other beautiful Japanese themed items for my garden. Always very helpful and polite and we've become great friends. I really do recommend that you use him for anything you need”

Valerie Brown,

Tranquillity Haven (Open Garden)

Val moved to the home she affectionately calls Tranquillity Haven in 2006. Since then I’ve designed a curved steel bridge, traditional tori gate, and koi pond netting covers.

The bridge, wide enough for use with a wheelbarrow, had steel specially curved for it, a traditional Japanese design that follows on with the overall garden theme. Due to it’s location, the steel bridge was galvanised and powder coated whilst the tori was painted by Val using a standard formula steel paint. You can watch an incredible but short video of her garden and get more information about visiting by clicking this.

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